ZenMassager Z10 Review

By | February 19, 2017

The ZenMassager Z10 is a powerful handheld massager that has a lot of great benefits over the competition and that anyone can use to unwind at home. A handheld massager is of course a device that you can hold in one hand and then use in order to apply gently pressure to the muscles. This can then be used to work out knots, to relax stiff and tense muscle and to encourage good circulation – just like any other massage!
But of course, not all massagers are made even. While some truly are almost as good as their real life counterparts, others just can’t quite cut it. In this review then, we’ll be taking a look at one specific model – the ZenMassager Z10 – to see if it is up to scratch.

Product Description

We’ve reviewed a lot of different massagers lately and many of them use the same handheld configuration that this device does. Truly though, this one stands out and looks pretty different from the competition. And the big reason for that is that this massager is, well, pretty massive.

  • Compared with other handheld units, this has a much bigger upper body and a relatively narrow handle protruding from the end. It also has a more elaborate looking attachment on the end, which looks almost like a multi-pronged claw coming out of the device. The entire thing looks a bit unwieldy but on first glance you do right away suspect that perhaps this is something of a serious piece of tech; a massager that means business!
  • And that’s precisely what this is. In fact, this is one of the most powerful handheld massagers available right now and even more so when you consider that this is a cordless massager, meaning that it is capable of running on a battery power. This battery power is capable of up to two hours of continuous use.
  • The device can be used on the shoulders, the back, the neck, the foot or anywhere else that you see fit and this makes it a ‘whole body’ massager. What’s more, is that as usual there are plenty of different settings including 3 speeds, 4 pulsating modes and 6 different changeable heads.

Pros and Cons

A lot of the handheld massagers we review are essentially the same product with some fancy bells and whistles. In particular, we have seen a lot of small handheld, wired massagers.
This one is very different though. Apart from being a lot bigger than most of the other massagers, this model is also wireless and has a different style of attachments!
But while this is a great massager, it does have its drawbacks. For one, that large size can be seen as a good thing and a bad thing. It is a good thing because it is what allows the device to be so powerful. At the same time, it also makes it considerably easier for you to reach points lower down on your back and to that way get a more thorough and complete massage.
On the negative side though, this also makes the device somewhat unwieldy and as you are holding it quite far down on the handle, it can be weighted a bit unevenly. The result is that it’s a little more hard work to use.
Another thing to consider is that this device has no heating function. This is a shame as it’s something that is fairly common on these kinds of devices and that can normally be used to help relax the muscles as well as kneading them.
That’s another point to consider too – this isn’t so much a kneading motion as simply vibration. You apply the pressure yourself and that all means that a lot of the work is on you as it were.
The fact that this is wireless is a big positive though and is a disappointing aspect of many other massagers that need to be plugged in (and that therefore require you to drape a wire over your back…).


All in all, this is a great massager that is particularly large and powerful. With lots of settings and a long reach, it can provide a very comprehensive massage. On the negative side though, it is also somewhat cumbersome and does lack some of the more key features. It certainly isn’t the best massager, especially not for your back.

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