What is the best (back) massager ?

By | January 22, 2017

At the end of the day, there’s nothing like a good massage. However, dragging yourself to the masseuse table and forking over $100 plus per trip can be a drain on you (and your wallet).I understand. Even though i would want you as a client, i know that money is tight in most households. This is why personal massagers are a good option – not only to massage your back! But which one is the best? If you haven’t looked at massagers recently, then chances are you don’t know the amazing things they can do these days! A high-end massager for your back comes with a ton of comfort inducing features to send you to heaven, such as adjustable moving parts, levels of vibration, and even heat functions. You might be a little suspicious that an electrical massager can deliver anything close to what a trained professional – or untrained friend you talked into massaging you – can deliver, but trust me, your in for a treat. Home massagers today can provide unmatched quality and performance, right in the comfort of your own home.

Today we’ll be examining the Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat (Black) and the Thumper Mini Pro 2 Hand Held Percussive Massager (Black/Purple). I’ll be highlighting the main features of each of these massagers, weighing in on the pro’s and con’s, and then giving you my recommendation for which one you should run out and buy! We’ll be focusing on the variety of speeds and functions, pressure level, and overall quality.

Here are the basic features of both the Zyllion and Thumper massagers:

The Zyllion Shiatsu Massager Features…
• Four Adjustable Moving Shiatsu Massage Nodes for the Neck
• Four Deep-Kneading and Rolling Massage Adjustable positions for the Back
• Three Levels of Vibration in the Seat Cushion
• A Back Strape for Easy Attachment to Any Chair
• Automatic Shut Off After Fifteen Minutes

The Thumper Mini Features…

• Hand Held Mobility
• Compact Size: 6”Hx7”Wx17”D
• Focused, Percussive Massaging Action
• Light Weight
• Three Adjustable Power Settings

And now for the test drive…

Speeds and Functions

The Zyllion massager offers a large variety of speeds and settings, allowing you to find the combination that’s just right for you. Similar to being able to direct a masseur at navigating the aches and pains of your body, you’ll be able to fully control your massage experience with the Zyllion. The moving Shiatsu features for the neck really allow the massager to dig into those tough to reach areas to help elevate the strain of a long day. It’s hard to imagine anything more pleasant that a warm, vibrating and focused pressure whisking you away to relaxation heaven while you do nothing but sit back and enjoy. You might even find yourself making excuses about why you should work from home so you can sit in it all day!

A few warnings: A Shiatsu massage can feel a little aggressive to those who are not used to it – they aren’t for the faint of heart! Additionally, some users found it to be a little overpriced for the features it has to offer. Although the features are diverse, it lacks the mobility of a smaller, travel sized massager.

The Thumper has a large variety of settings and options, even for a small massager. A few draw backs to consider with the Thumper, however, are as follows. Some larger users found it hard to use because it lacked the ability to delve deeply into their larger more dense bodies. It’s important that any massager has the ability to adjust to each area of the body, and the Thumper seems to lack that functionality. No one wants to be pounded into submission when all they are looking for is to be gently massaged into sublimation!

One thing you have to know: A shiatsu massage chair such as the Zyllion is VERY easy when it comes to massaging your back, because all you have to do is just sit, lean back & relax.

Pressure Level

Users of the “smaller variety” found it difficult to get the Zyllion to fit their neck properly at the top of the massager, leaving them a little wanting in the neck massage department. A massager should not discriminate against those who are “vertically lacking”! 😉 Once you are ready to unwind and take a massage trip to paradise, I can imagine being disappointed if you can’t reach the equipment properly! Chances are users of the “larger variety” will have a better time with this retreat then those of the petite kind, whom have to find creative ways to employ the neck rolling features on the Zyllion.

Smaller users found using the Thumper to be too powerful to use in tender areas like the neck. Balance is important in the pressure level on a massager, and Thumper struggled a little with this.

Overall Quality

Based on customer feedback, the Zyllion rates four out of five stars – not a bad score at all. Many users find this product to be the perfect solution for how to unwind after a long day at the office or a tough workout.

There were however some complaints about flimsy packaging with the Zyllion, and the included remote that “snapped like a toothpick” when dropped accidentally! Sometimes the best part of getting a new toy is when it arrives, and having poor packaging, damage, or breaking is really a buzz kill.

By comparison, the smaller, travel friendly Thumper received an overall rating of four point four out of five stars – quite an impressive feat! Users found the firm, focused massager head to be great for the tight knots along the spine, buttocks and legs, which can occur when one spends way to many hours a day sitting in front of a computer – I would know!

Advice: Even though a percussion massager such as the thumper might be harder to use on your back, it is THE best way to get rid of trigger points. I’m speaking from experience here, and I have tried many, many different home massagers.

This massager is seriously strong, and can keep up with your aches and pains just like the little champion it is. Imagine being able to come home and wield this lightweight weapon against your tough to reach tension areas and bring you to a whole new level of tranquility! And for those who have trouble sleeping due to deep aches in their back and legs, the Thumper can be a real life safer. Drift off to lala land peacefully after this little wonder has worked its magic on you. Another benefit of the Thumper is that you can lend it to your friends! Although you might not be purchasing a personal massager for the sole reason of being able to lend it out, its nice to know you have product you can share with others in need of some good quality rest and relaxation. Think of the hero you will be when you provide the perfect solution to their troubles! Also the Thumper is perfect for traveling – you’ll never have to be to far away from relaxation land when you have this puppy in your luggage.

Who Wins?

In conclusion, I would say both massagers have their pro’s and con’s. The Zyllion might be too rough for some. The Thumper is gentle, yet effective but , you can’t just sit back and let the machine do its work.

Still, I believe the Thumper has the advantage over the Zyllion. Why? It is hand held, light weight, easy to share and store. The Thumper can also travel with your for mobile massage action, while the Zyllion would most likely be left at home. The most important factor still is effectiveness though. So is the thumper the best back massager? Surprisingly yes. You might have leaned towards a shiatsu pillow (homedics etc) as many other sites are recommending these products.
They are not bad, but do not really dive deep into you muscle tissue . This is important if your back pain is neuro-muscular in nature Percussion Massagers are little miracles when it comes to treating myofascial trigger points at home,. I recommend them highly as a complementary therapy to professional massages and treatment with magnesium.

So check out the Thumper today and get ready to unwind after a visit with the little massager that could!


Check out the Zyllion – your call!

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