The Dark Side of the Massage Business

By | May 25, 2017

Have you ever been riding along on the highway and seen one of those big billboard signs that reads “Spa Ahead: Truckers Welcome” ? Usually, something about the sign itself seems, well, kind of shady. Sadly, that is often quite correct.

Roadside massage parlors may be perfectly legitimate. On the other hand, sadly, your suspicions are often entirely right. Many roadside massage parlors are houses of ill repute, just one undercover sting away from a police raid.

This article is part of a initiative, to make people more aware of the fact, that sensual massage services are real, even though they often border on the illegal. Who visits these places and how does the „business“ affects licensed massage therapists conducting proper business?

Here are four things you need to know about the massage business.

Creepy Fact #1: All massages Get a „Reaction“ from Men

If you are a man and you have ever been to a legit massage establishment, you may have experienced an involuntary erection. This phenomenon, though embarrassing, is perfectly natural. The simple act of having a masseuse touch your muscle, especially those surrounding your midsection, has the effect of bringing on an erection. No matter how hard you try to think about something else or block it out of your mind, you just cannot help it.

In a legitimate, licensed massage parlor, the masseuses learn to expect this and utterly ignore it, for the sake of staying in business. It does not take a leap of the imagination to see that, shall we say, less than reputable establishments will seek to profit from this phenomenon.

Creepy Fact #2: Most Massage Patrons seem to “want more”

The gender of the most frequent massage parlor visitor may come as no surprise to most of us. The overwhelming majority are men. According to research conducted by scholars writing for the Archives of Sexual Behavior, most of the men who frequent massage parlors are in their mid-thirties, consider themselves highly confident, and subscribe to a liberal world view.

Moreover, to put it plainly, the most common patron of massage parlors expect the infamous “happy ending.” Aright, that is no surprise at all. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the research that revealed these facts is that, according to the men surveyed, most were altogether sympathetic with the women’s rights movement.

Creepy Fact #3: Massage Parlors Are a Billion Dollar Business

According to a report in the New York Post, massage parlors in the United States amount to an estimated $1 billion industry. Why is the erotic massage such a moneymaker? According to the same article, it is because the business is relatively easy to break into, relatively safe (in terms of, you know, communicable diseases). Staffed, often, by new immigrants who find themselves effectively stranded in a strange land with few options for earning an honest living, shady massage parlors pop up across the United States, seemingly wherever there is a highway exit.

Perhaps the main thing driving these immigrants into erotic massage is the fact that the average monthly take home income for such a worker in Los Angeles, California is a whopping $7,200.

Of course, all those employed in such nefarious enterprises literally risk life and limb, not to mention possible prosecution, just to do their ‘work’.

Creepy Fact #4: Shady Massage Parlors Hurt Legit Massage Therapists!

Most municipalities allow some provision for legitimate massage establishments, wherein weary and worn men and women alike seek soothing deep tissue massages. These honest enterprises are only tarnished by the massage stigma associated with fly-by-night, disreputable highway exit erotic massage parlors.

Creepy Fact #5: The Risks are High

Of course, money is the ultimate inducement to shadiness; however, the risks of erotic massage parlors are great. Obviously, sanitation and sexual health are chief concerns. Perhaps second to that are worries over law enforcement stings and subsequent arrests. This applies equally to service providers as well as their patrons. Both have been implicated in past investigations and there is always the distinct possibility that similar arrests are likely to come.


You needn’t let the risks of creepy massage parlors deter you from employing the services of a legitimate massage therapist. In fact, science shows that certain healthful massage techniques may be beneficial to your overall well-being.

The truth is, legitimate therapeutic massage businesses are not difficult to identify. They will be listed in the phone book, have professional signage out front, and plenty of honest reviews on the Web, as well as a professional website. Legit massage parlors will also accept appointments, employ licensed staffer, and frequently belong to the local chamber of commerce.

Above all else, legitimate massage service providers will not set off any red flags or alarms when you walk through the door. Rather instead, they will demonstrate professionalism at every turn and will put you at ease the second you walk in the door.

Don’t let the many creepy massage businesses around the country stop you from booking a therapeutic massage session. Massagebypatrice is accepting more clients and is happy to help 🙂

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