The Best Deep Tissue Percusion Massager? WAHL 4290-300 Reviewed!

By | February 19, 2017

It’s a hard life being a reviewer and having to try out all these products. But having to test a whole batch of massagers? That’s just too much! I mean, how am I supposed to tolerate spending an entire day sitting in massage chairs or rubbing my back with warming, soothing, massage sticks…Sorry to rub it in (no pun intended) but we really have been blessed to have tested so many massagers. If your job is not so relaxing though and if you find yourself coming home from work feeling tense, stressed and covered in painful knots, then you should consider getting yourself one of these.
In fact, it’s hard to understand why more people don’t have them. With a massager, you can enjoy a therapeutic and relaxing massage wherever you are and without having to beg your wife/husband to come away from whatever they’re doing.
The WAHL 4290-300 is the latest massager we’ve reviewed, so let’s take a look at how it stacks up to all the others.
It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…;)

The best one for you?

  • This massager is among the hand-held variety, allowing you to simply place the pressure wherever you feel you need it on your body. From there, it will use one of several attachments in order to work the muscles and help to alleviate stiffness, soreness, knots and whatever other complaints you may have.
  • Starting off with the design, this is a very ergonomic product with contours designed for a comfortable grip and a soft, high quality plastic material for a pleasant texture. The shape and design is very curved smooth, while the colorscheme is somewhat clinical in blue and white.
  • One thing you will notice on first appearance that is a little unfortunate is the inclusion of a cord running from the back. This means that the product needs to be plugged in and that furthermore, you will need to be near a power outlet while you use it. It’s a little awkward having the cord draped over your body as you try to reach different spots but the price does reflect this as compared with more premium models.

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of this product is the strength of the motor which is comparable to many more expensive alternatives. At 3,350 pulses per minute, you can really feel this working and you can really feel the benefit of using a massager rather than just rolling something around on your back.
Another strength is the smart selection of attachments. Each one offers a very different experience – one is designed to mimic masseuse’s hand for instance, while another will work its way deep into the knots. This will let each user find the combination that works best for them and enjoy a massage tailored to their preferences and to any specific complaints they may have.
As far as negative points go, the first is that this product is corded. As mentioned, this not only restricts its usefulness (it could otherwise be a great travel companion) but also means that you’re going to have to duck and weave your way around the wire as you drag it across yourself.
Of course there is also an inherent downside to using a handheld massager like this versus sitting in a chair: you will need to either reach around to get to those awkward spots or you’ll need to convince a partner or family member to massage you.


This is a slightly more affordable massager by Wahl which is something that is reflected in the corded nature. That is a limitation, as is the hand-held design. But if you can work around those two drawbacks, then you’ll find that this is a very well-made massager. It has a great design, a versatile range of attachments, a powerful and very pleasant motor driving the whole thing and generally a lot to offer.
If you like handheld percussion massagers for working specific points on your body and if you don’t have a huge amount of money to invest, then this is one of the best options there is for relaxing after work or for treating specific muscle complaints and other ailments. It comes with a strong recommendation!

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