Relaxzen 60-2910 – a Massage Seat Cushion for Champs?

By | February 13, 2017

The Relaxzen 60-2910 is a device that manages to pack the words ‘relax’ and ‘zen’ into the same product title. That is no small feat and it certainly makes one very aware of the objective behind this model. This is all about sleep and relaxation and it claims to be able to help you feel completely at ease.
But can it really deliver on that promise? Read this Review!


The Relaxzen 60-2910 is a massager that is comprised of both a seat and a backrest and which can then be attached onto any chair in order to be sat in. This means that it is able to massage the entire back at once, as well as the buttocks and the legs – unlike some of the other products we’ve reviewed that have to focus on one spot at a time.
And this thing has taken full advantage of that form factor by packing in 10 motors. You get two in the buttocks, two for the lower back, two for the middle of the back, two for the shoulders and two for the neck. In theory, this means that you can enjoy having all the muscles in your back and legs kneaded at once for total comfort.
The seat itself is also very comfortable thanks to some padding – you don’t feel as though you’re sitting on hard motors. There’s also lumbar support and a padded neck rest. These features combined make for something that is actually quite adept at functioning just as a seat – which in turn means you can leave it in place rather than continually needing to move it. It actually uses memory foam, so you know it’s good! Another blessing is that the product is black, meaning it will fit in nicely with most home decors.
All these different nodes also means that you can enjoy a lot of different settings: you can choose one spot on which to enjoy massage, or you can let it climb up and down the body in a sequence. The included remote makes choosing between these settings easy too. There are 5 pre-programmed modes but there’s nothing to stop you from creating your own. The inclusion of heating is also a nice addition to help you further relax the muscles and release tension or knots.

Pros and Cons

  • This is clearly a very well made and designed product that is very effective at providing full body massages or focussing on just one area. The design is great and there’s also an included car adaptor so that you can enjoy a massage while you’re travelling. Another useful feature in this respect is the ample number of straps that make it easy to secure the massager in place. This is a big benefit – some massagers have a bad habit of slipping on the chair otherwise and this can become a pain to continually have to fix.
  • The downside though is that there is no shiatsu mode. This is a vibrating only massage and while many people find this therapeutic, others prefer the rolling motion. You’ll need to decide on which you prefer or potentially look for a product that is able to offer both modes at once.
  • Don’t get us wrong though, this is a great massage! In our reviews, we found this to be one of the most enjoyable massages and especially because it was able to get into the shoulders and neck. Now massagers that don’t do that just feel a little disappointing!
  • The memory foam and the construction of the seat is also really good and makes this a comfortable product. That’s just as well though, because moving these seats is a hassle and they take up a lot of space. That is a potential con that applies to any massager that works this way: you need to ensure that you have a seat you can use it on or space to store it when not in use.


Overall, this is one of the best massagers you can get if you’re looking for a full body rub down. The lack of shiatsu mode is the biggest disappointment but the vibrational motors do a great job of relaxing the muscles, especially when combined with the heat that the seat can generate.

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