New Five Star FS8812 Massage Seat Cushion Review

By | February 12, 2017

From time to time, we can all find ourselves in need of a little TLC. Perhaps you’ve come home from a tough day at work and you just want to unwind. Maybe you’ve been under the weather and you’re suffering from sore muscles and other pain. Or maybe you’re just someone who likes to indulge themselves every now and then. After all… why not?
The New Five Star FS8812 is a massage chair with a lot of appealing settings and that can very likely offer you the kind of indulgent back rub you’re looking for. It looks the part and finds itself in the upper echelons when it comes to functionality and features.
But how does it stack up when we put it to the test? Let’s take a closer look at the New Five Star FS8812 in this review and see just what it has to offer.

Introduction: Your Way to Relaxation?

This massage chair is feature rich thanks to the inclusion of ten separate vibrating motors. This gives it excellent ‘definition’, meaning in other words that it is able to massage multiple points on the body at once and really provide the precise massage and functionality that you need. Another benefit of this model in particular is the size, which is tall enough to reach the neck and shoulders for a full body massage.
Likewise, the seat also goes further than similar models by providing motors in the bottom of the seat for massaging the buttocks and thighs. This makes it a great choice for office workers who spend all day sitting down and perhaps get sore rears and is great for runners or others that may experience stiffness in their legs and glutes.
As well as vibrations, the New Five Star FS8812 also provides a soothing heat which can help to relax muscles and provide additional therapeutic benefit. Meanwhile, the handheld controller unit means that you can control and choose your precise setting without having to get up.
Note that this is not a standalone ‘chair’ but rather needs to be strapped onto an existing seat. This is an advantage as it means it can be used anywhere in the house and on any existing seat that you already have.

Pros and Cons

  • The pros of this massage chair largely revolve around the multiple motors, the shape and size, the heat and the controller. All of these combined make for a very comprehensive product that is a cut above what some other models offer. This is a rare opportunity to get a massage in the upper body and legs at the same time and to enjoy this alongside a relaxing and soothing heat.
  • There are also some additional benefits and features that we haven’t yet touched on. For instance, a car adaptor means that you can take this seat into the car with you as a passenger. This is perfect for long journeys, though as a driver it might risk making you a little too comfortable!
  • Another useful feature is the inclusion of programmable functions and multiple speed options. Together, these options should allow you to create your own ideal massage experience to target the pain, stiffness or discomfort that you personally experience.
  • The main limitation of this product on the other hand revolves around the nature of the motors. These are vibrating motors and not kneading or rolling. Many other massagers work by using rolling balls that are able to work their way deep into muscle tissue and knots. This is only a negative point however if you have a preference for the other type of massage. People who enjoy the vibrational massage will be well-served and if you have never tried this, then you are likely to find it is enjoyable and comforting.

For those who prefer a kneading or rolling massage though, the vibration-only motors might be seen as a limiting factor. Of course, the ideal scenario would be to have a product capable of switching between multiple modes: but this would be likely to be considerably more expensive.


In conclusion, this is a great massager with a lot of premium features. The fact that you can enjoy having a heated massage on both your legs and your shoulders at the same time puts this at the top of the class. Just make sure you are happy with the ‘vibration only’ motors first.

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