Homedics QRM-400H Review

By | February 11, 2017

What makes a good massager?
Of course you need the actual motion to be comfortable and relaxing/therapeutic. You need for the motors to be able to knead deeply into the muscle, or for the vibration to be effective at releasing any pent up tension. You also want it to be convenient and practical – so that it doesn’t take a long time to set up. Being able to reach lots of areas of the body is also useful. It’s very disappointing to have a great massage on your lower back and then to really notice the absence of such a massage for your shoulders!
Having lots of settings and modes is also a very good thing to look for, as this will allow you to tailor your massage to your given aches and pains – and means you won’t get bored of it right away.

So that’s what we’re looking for; how does the Homedics QRM-400H stack up in our review?


This is one of the more expensive massagers we’ve looked at lately but it’s easy to see why from first glance. This is clearly a well-made and designed product that is crafted out of two pieces and that has a sleek, curved appearance. The product listing also claims that this is used by therapists. Whether or not that is true, it certainly wouldn’t look terribly out of place in a professional setting.
This is also the first of our reviews to feature moving motors. The motors rotate as normal to provide a rolling massage experience but they also have the added benefit of being able to move up and down the back. This means you can get a full back massage with considerably fewer motors in the unit. It also means you can enjoy a wider range of programs (6 in total) and even adjust the distance between the motors in order to ensure that they are perfectly spaced around the spine, or to reach two points on your back that are in need of a little TLC.
This is basically a step up from those devices with static motors. Although it does mean you can’t have multiple motors all working at the same time to massage your shoulders, neck and lower back simultaneously.

Pros and Cons

  • The biggest pro of course here is the rolling nature of the motors, which allows for a great range of different massages and which should make for a more versatile and comprehensive experience. As mentioned, that could be considered a downside if you like to massage multiple spots at once but most people will probably choose this method for preference.
  • Otherwise, the great design, relatively low price (for what you’re getting) and comfortable experience are all great plus points.
  • Some negatives to consider though are that this device won’t work perfectly on everyone. These seats are very much restricted by the height of the person sitting in them, so note that if you’re very tall, it might not reach your shoulders!
  • As with any seat-style massager, it’s also worth noting that this can be somewhat impractical if you don’t have a seat to hand that you can use. You might find yourself getting this out of storage each time you want to use it.
    Finally, note that this lacks a true Shiatsu mode. That means you don’t get the real rotating, kneading motion – though the rolling is plenty relaxing and a step up from pure vibrational massagers.

But in terms of sheer quality and features, this is an excellent massager and certainly one of the better ones that we’ve used for this price range. We thoroughly enjoyed testing this massager!


If it’s a chair massager you’re looking for, then you have a few options. This type of solution gives you rolling motors that have the ability to reach any point on your back and which can provide a really great full-back massage when combined with the heat as well. We highly recommend this massager for anyone who is happy to dedicate a chair in their house to massage and who doesn’t mind the lack of shiatsu mode. For those who aren’t bothered about the rolling feature though, similar options exist for a little less.

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