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The Dark Side of the Massage Business

Have you ever been riding along on the highway and seen one of those big billboard signs that reads “Spa Ahead: Truckers Welcome” ? Usually, something about the sign itself seems, well, kind of shady. Sadly, that is often quite correct. Roadside massage parlors may be perfectly legitimate. On the other hand, sadly, your suspicions… Read More »

ZenMassager Z10 Review

The ZenMassager Z10 is a powerful handheld massager that has a lot of great benefits over the competition and that anyone can use to unwind at home. A handheld massager is of course a device that you can hold in one hand and then use in order to apply gently pressure to the muscles. This… Read More »

VIKTOR JURGEN Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow Review

It has been proven that massage has proven health benefits. Not only does massage offer the obvious relief from tight, short and knotted muscles, but it can also provide a great opportunity to mentally relax and unwind. Stress is actually one of the biggest threats of all when it comes to our health and the… Read More »

Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Electric Massager Review

The Pure-Wave CM7 is a massager that lets you pick a specific part of your body and get to work. It uses a rotating head attached to a handle, which means you can simply angle it to work on the given area and then enjoy the benefits. This is a great approach to a massager… Read More »

New Five Star FS8812 Massage Seat Cushion Review

From time to time, we can all find ourselves in need of a little TLC. Perhaps you’ve come home from a tough day at work and you just want to unwind. Maybe you’ve been under the weather and you’re suffering from sore muscles and other pain. Or maybe you’re just someone who likes to indulge… Read More »

New Five Star FS8801 Review

In this day and age, having hunched, rounded shoulders is an increasingly common health complaint. This is partly thanks to the large amount of time that many of us now spend on computers. Working on a computer will invariably mean sitting with your arms stretched forward in front of you and keeping them there for… Read More »