My Name is Patrice, I’m a long time Massage Therapist. . I have a passion for helping people deal with chronic muscle pain, because i know first hand how it can feel like!

But What is muscle pain?

Muscle pain refers to an ailment where the muscles of an individual become sore. It is also referred to as myalgia and the pain is usually as a result of overstretching and overusing a group of muscles when one is performing a particular activity.

Specialists have found out that muscle pain is usually caused by viral infections on short term basis while on long term basis it is as a result of chronic fatigue syndrome or metabolic myopathy.

How does massaging help?

gentle-massageMassage is a therapeutic technique used by specialists by manipulating superficial and deep layered muscles of the body and connective tissues by using hands and other techniques. Patients with muscle pain can be relieved off their pain by visiting a professional massage clinic. Once there, the patient can explain to the specialist the problem and will be guided to the massage room where they can get to lay on a massage table or use an electronic massager.

When a patient with myalgia is massaged, the body switches on genes which help decrease the soreness and the inflammation. This is equivalent to one taking painkillers such as aspirin to help relieve the pain. The genes help by reducing the activity of a particular protein in the body called inflammatory cytokines. The inflammatory cytokines as the name suggests are responsible for the inflammation and soreness of the muscles.

The genes activated during massaging proceed by increasing the creation of mitochondria. Mitochondria (or mitochondrion in singular) are structures found in cells both in animals and plants and are responsible for the production of cell energy. The more an individual’s muscles has mitochondria, the higher the rate of oxygen circulation and cell energy production which will help in eliminating muscle pain brought by soreness and inflammation.

The benefits of using a shiatsu massager

Shiatsu is a massage technique that has been used for a long time to help in stress relieve and muscle relaxing. Massage specialists apply pressure using their fingers, hands and palms when performing shiatsu on affected muscle areas.

Improvement in technology has led to many companies developing products both for home and commercial use. Massage has not been left behind; today one can be able to purchase a shiatsu massager that can help relieve myalgia. The massagers come in different shapes and sizes and some include a neck massager, a back and shoulder massager.

Oxygenate your Body!

The shiatsu massager helps to improve and increase the blood circulation in the body. This will automatically result in provision of adequate oxygen throughout the muscle cells of the body. With well oxygenated body cells, a patient’s immune function is increased. White blood cells help to fight off bacteria and viruses that try to attack the body and cause diseases. When a shiatsu massager is used, it helps increase white cell production leading to higher immunity.

For the athletes and other professional sports personalities who use a massager, it helps to improve muscle healing in their body. Improved blood flow leads to production of more mitochondria which help in muscle healing and recovery.

Massagers when used correctly help to relieve stress brought about by day to day activities. The body helps to relieve stress by improving hormonal production which results in a balance. A balanced hormonal production means the body will not be able to produce too much stress hormones therefore eliminating chances of one experiencing extreme stress.

Fatigue brought about by vigorous and strenuous activities such as sports and exercising is one of the causes of muscle pain. When a shiatsu massager is used, it helps in production of body genes which trigger production of mitochondria which as cell power plants produce more energy for the body. In short, it helps to relieve fatigue while improving one’s body energy levels.

Increased production of body genes that lead to production of more mitochondrion, helps reduce systemic inflammation by eliminating proteins that cause inflammation also called inflammation cytokines. With reduced fatigue and stress means the body is well relaxed which finally results in improved quality of sleep.

Detoxification is a process where the body helps to get rid of toxins that are present in the body. There are many ways of achieving this and one of them is the use of a shiatsu massager. When used, it helps to improve blood circulation which results in oxygenation of cells and transportation of waste for disposal. The waste includes toxins which can cause diseases in the body therefore freeing the body of disease causing toxins.